Everyme is a new way to communicate with groups

Everyme is the fastest, simplest, and most private social networking app, available on your favorite phones and on the web.

Once you get started with Everyme, you'll find it transformative. Thousands of people rely on Everyme to share intimate moments, stories, and ideas with their friends, families, and communities. Set up a family Group and be in touch with your parents, your kids, or your siblings (From anywhere in the world and over great distances). Set up a Group for your best friends so you can gossip about all the latest happenings in your life, no matter where your friends live. Set up a Group for your coworkers to share plans and communicate effectively.

Everyme is a powerful alternative to SMS groups. Unlike texting, Everyme works across devices, is available on the web and by email, and is free. Everyme lets you customize your group's settings, easily manage people who have access to the things you share, and gives you greater control over notifications than texting. In addition, with comments and cross-platform video and photo sharing, Everyme provides a greater depth of communication than texting does.

You'll also find that Everyme has the most user-friendly privacy policy and model of any social networking app. On Everyme, users own their data, can export it, and remove it at any time.


How do I add someone to a Group?
If you are the owner of the Group, on your phone, tap the black bar on top of the cover photo, then select "Add" in the top right corner. If you are on the web, click "Edit Groups" in the top right, then select the Group you wish to add people to.

How do I remove people, posts, Groups, and comments?
It's simple. On Android devices, simply hold your finger on the item that you wish to delete. On iPhone, swipe on the item to delete. On the web, hover over the item and click the X that appears in the corner of the item.

What happens when I add someone to a Group by email or phone?
When you add someone by email or phone, they get subscribed to that Group’s updates by email or phone until they sign up. When someone in a Group shares a post, they will receive an email or text and can reply back to that email or text and comment on the new post. They also receive an invitation so that they can easily join the Group.

How do I change my profile picture, name, or other profile information?
On Android and iPhone, visit Settings and then tap on "My Profile." On the web, tap "Profile" in the top right.

My friend is not receiving my invitation. How do they join the Group?
Sometimes, your invitation to your friend will end up in their spam folder or fail to deliver. First, check to make sure you sent the invitation the right email address or phone number. If it's the right one, have your friend sign up for an Everyme account and visit Settings and then their profile. Have them add the email address or phone number that you subscribed to the Group. Once they or our system automatically verifies their email or phone number, they will join the Group and you will receive a notification.

How do I change the cover photo in a Group?
Anyone in a Group can change the cover photo. On Android and iPhone, simply tap on the cover photo in the Group to change it. On the web, click "Edit Groups," click on the appropriate Group, and below the Group name at the top you'll see a button to change the cover photo.

How can I find out more about Everyme as a company?
If you search for Everyme, you'll find many articles and interviews about the company online. We are a self-funded startup based out of San Francisco, CA. We are a small team of passionate engineers and designers that want to change the way people communicate. We believe a shift from public sharing to private is taking place because privacy is a better and more natural way to share, and we want to be the agent of that change.

If you need any more help with the app or have any questions at all, contact us help@everyme.com. We'll respond right away!